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Events and Conferences

Marketing strategies frequently involve supporting a publication with a live event. Whether it takes the form of a single venue conference or a multi-hall exhibition, it will almost certainly require managing a complex range of integral elements including ticket sales, advertising, circulation and catalogues.

By using the full potential of Myriad, marketing and administrating an event of any size or format becomes straightforward and easy to manage.

Take Control of Events and Conferences
  • Sales, booking and analysis by floor plans
  • Tickets, passes, board name and catalogue output
  • Cross-sell with adverts, circulation, products or subscriptions
  • Schedule invoicing plans into full sales ledger
  • Graphical event analysis
  • Event-by-event comparison
  • In-depth sales by sales-person analysis

This module is under development, including discussions with selected customers from the Myriad User Group, and is planned for general release early next year. Please feel free to preview the early screen designs.



Example Event Admin


Example Event Entry


Event Order Entry Wizard

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