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Release the potential of your business

Myriad is a software solution that releases the full potential of your business. Bringing together and connecting all the diverse information held across your organisation, it delivers efficiencies that enhance performance and boost the bottom line.

The flexible nature of the product, and the fact that it is designed to expand in response to business growth means that our customer profile is as varied as our modules and represents all aspects of the publishing community.

Putting our customers at the centre of our business means that the evolution of Myriad is shaped by our users as much as our development team. Choosing to work with us, you are selecting a lifetime strategic partner, not just another supplier.

Myriad Modules

Myriad consolidates disparate, business-critical information into an accessible knowledge store. All of your administrative systems and procedures are integrated into one cohesive unit, ensuring that managing relationships with customers, prospects, staff and suppliers is simple and effortless.

The software is designed to grow with your business. Its modular structure means you don't have to invest in functions when they aren't required - but if your needs change, adding modules is easy.








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PPA Independent Publisher Conference and Awards

Gordon & Gotch Publishing are proud to again sponsor the PPA Independent Publisher Conference and Awards event being held in London on Friday 8th November 2019.

There will be presentations and round-table discussions, networking and supplier interactions. Note that two presentations are from Myriad users.

You might wish to attend the conference, the awards ceremony or both. Visit for more information, ticket prices and venue details.

If you do decide to come then please make a point of seeking us out.

PPA Back To School Drinks Event

Gordon & Gotch attended the PPA Back To School Drinks 2019 reception on the 10th September. Sponsored by Air Business and promoted by the PPA, the occasion was a busy networking event within a nightclub atmosphere. Formalities were minimal, the bar was busy and 'encounters' cheerful and receptive.

For those interested, the event was held at BEAT (a members-only club) which used to be called 'The Speakeasy Club'. The venue, which was fondly known as the Speak, has housed the likes of Van Der Graff Generator, Deep Purple, Hawkwind, Jimmy Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Pink Floyd & King Crimson to name a few. No live music but some interesting wall projections from the sponsor this time round!

Myriad User Group Meeting Report

The Myriad User Group meeting was a great success, with an excellent talk by Steve Price indicated the past, present and future ideas surrounding B2C and B2B subscription renewals. His wealth of experience and grounding in reality conveyed ideas that all marketeers can learn from.

The networking lunch was followed by a live demonstration of features being introduced into Myriad such as Advanced dashboards and WORD / EXCEL replacements that do not require Microsoft licences. The idea of topic-specific joint training days was floated and clients were also reminded to be aware of the April 2020 ‘Making tax digital’ requirement.

Three round table discussions then took place, the subjects being: Dashboard progress and their next stage of development, reporting / output / analysis, and the rôle of Myriad in relation to social media communication. These were all well attended and attendees left the meeting with much to contemplate and provide feedback on.

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